Aidan Martin – Inside Out – Digital Copy (Only)


Aidan Martin recently released his first solo album ‘Inside Out’, which is full of haunting, heavy-layered riffs that carry the album throughout. His vocal and songwriting abilities are also deeply affirmed on this debut recording. He has recorded two albums with his brother Johnathan Martin – ‘In My Blood’ (2007) and ‘Machete’ (2010)., as well as an EP and Live DVD “‘The Martin Brothers’ in 2015.

There is no hiding behind the influences: whilst jazz artists like Wes Montgomery and Grant Green are at the heart of Aidan’s formative years, it is no doubt that Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Rory Gallagher led him away from stifled corporate gigs and down the road to bars with bad lighting and blasting amplifiers. His keen interest in West-African blues guitarists such as Ali Farka Touré also informs his style; his guitar playing being fluid, never mimicking itself – a result of Aidan Martin being such an uncompromising musician. It is exactly this stubborn approach that allows his songwriting to exist outside of any mould.


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